The renowned Dripping Springs I. S. D. serves school-aged families. D.S.I.S.D. has received an Exemplary rating every year since 1997.

Homeowners’ Association

Each lot owner will have membership in the homeowners’ association, which will be responsible for supervising and maintaining land held under common ownership and enforcing protective covenants.

Electrical service

Provided by Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC). The developer will provide underground electric service throughout the development to the lot line, and each homeowner will provide underground electrical service from these perimeter lines to the homesite.

Telephone service

Provided by Southwestern Bell Telephone. The developer will provide underground telephone service to lot lines. Each homeowner will provide underground telephone service from these perimeter lines to the homesite.

Cable television/internet access

Provided by Verizon. The developer has provided for underground conduit for this service, and this service will be provided by Verizon once enough homes have been built to warrant service to this neighborhood.

Propane gas service

Each homeowner will provide individual service on site. Storage tanks must be buried or completely screened from view.

Potable water service

Dripping Springs Water Supply will provide treated water from LCRA to this development. The developer will provide an internal water distribution service to all lots in the subdivision. Each homeowner will purchase a water tap and provide a water line from his meter to the homesite.

Sewer Service

Homeowners will provide individual septic systems to service sewer needs for the community.